Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcoming Families From Around the World

Kenya is the country or origin for the new family that is coming to my childcare center.

I will prepare myself by:

1.      Learn about this family’s culture by locating families in town that have previously immigrated from Kenya.

2.     Research Kenya on the Internet to learn more about the country.

3.     Prepare the children in the center by teaching them about the country of Kenya.

4.     Place decorations about Kenya in the childcare center and add culturally sensitive books and toys to the school’s centers.

5.     Locate a translator that is fluent in the family’s native language in case services are needed.

It is always exciting learning about new cultures.  The new family from Kenya allows me to learn about their culture why they learn about the American culture.  By preparing for their arrival, I will help make them feel welcome and like they have an ally in this strange new situation they are in.  Hopefully, we will make them feel welcome and comfortable in order to maximize the child’s education experience in my childcare center.

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