Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sharing Web Resources

Website:  Zero to Three
  • One of the outside links is to Early Head Start National Resource Center.  This site provides a wealth of information for childcare providers from birth to three.  There is information on trainings, safety information, and links to government websites.  There is also a special section which is designed for home-based childcare.
  • The website has links to tip sheets that give information to child care providers about child development & early learning, family engagement & relationships, and health safety & nutrition.  One that I found particularly relevant was one on working with teen parents. 
  • One of the links in the latest e-newsletter was “Advocacy Alert.”  It outlines ways people can help advocate for children.  Particularly relevant are the infant-toddler policy issues which focus on good health, strong families, and positive early learning experiences.   
  • There is a statement on investing in early childhood education from Matthew Melmed, executive director of zero to three.  It clearly outlines the issues of quality and accessibility of early childhood education.  The article can be found at
  • I found the information fact sheet on Texas particularly interesting.  It shows the demographics of the child population and the programs that are currently available.  I did not realize how many at risk children lived in Texas. 


tmoruri said...

Hi Christine,

I chose the same site and found it very informative. I had used the site before for resources but had never gone this in depth into the site. I missed the family childcare section but will definitely will go back to that as it is a topic of personal interest.

Rebekah said...

I'm going to check out this website. My center has three and four year old children (no Early Head Start), but the information can be informative to my families and me. I especially like the link on family engagement!

Cari B said...

I love how your blog assignments are so straight to the point! You can tell you are a teacher :) Thank for the information. Keep going we are almost done with this class, ready to take on the next!