Saturday, February 25, 2012

Issues & Trends: Final Blog

During this course I learned many things that will be helpful in my career as an early childhood professional.  I had very limited contact with a group of Canadian Early Childhood educators through a Facebook group.  I learned that they face many of the same challenges.  Right now, they are going through funding cuts which are threatening the early childhood programs.  I also researched several other countries and found large variations in their approach to early childhood.  Most of the industrialized nations value early childhood, but there seems to be disagreement as to the extent.  Funding is always an issue.  In less fortunate countries, the issue is on survival and early childhood education is not as important.  These countries focus on providing basic necessities for survival.  This course also introduced me to Harvard University Global Initiative website.  I found a wealth of information here that will be useful to me in my profession. 

I would like to continue to reach out to international early childhood professionals.  I think I can learn a lot from others and maybe I could help some out, too.  I am beginning the process of building my Linkedin account.  I think it will be a wonderful tool in making contact with international early childhood professionals.  Facebook is also a tool that can be used to form international relationships.   

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