Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting to Know Your International Contacts

I am very disappointed that I have not been successful in making meaningful contact with any early childhood professionals.  My contact from Canada did add me as a member of the Canadian Child Care Federation.  I posted on the website about how they deal with poverty, but have not received any responses as of yet.  All of my emails have gone unanswered.  So, I will complete the alternate assignment.

I chose to learn about the country of Kyrgyzstan.  Kyrgyzstan gained its independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991.  The country experienced many economic shocks as it transformed from a state run to a market economy.  They joined the World Trade Organization in 1998 and since then the Kyrgyzstan economy has been recovering very slowly. 

During this time of economic stability was as high as 60%, but decreased by 2001 to 47% with 13% living in extreme poverty.  There has been an increase of children forced to live on the street.  The percentage of children who attend school is around 90%.  Many are forced to work at a variety of jobs from agriculture to hospitality. 

The government of Kyrgyzstan has a number of initiative to help combat the poverty issue in the country.  The Comprehensive Development Framework has a 15 year vision for the economic future of the country.  the National Poverty Reduction Strategy (NSPR) is a 3 year plan with specific provisions to tackle the childhood poverty issue.  They want to avoid inter-generational poverty issues from developing.


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