Thursday, March 15, 2012

Research that Benefits Children and Families

I would like to share a program from Metropolitan State College in Denver called Tools of the Mind.  I was introduced to this program in a previous course and think that the research and program show great potential for the future of early childhood education.  The program is centered around self-regulation, where the children are taught how to regulate their emotional, social, and cognitive behaviors.  According to research, self-regulation is a better indicator of academic achievement than IQ or reading level.  Many children are entering school with a lack of self-regulation which causes disruptions in learning.  The Tools of the Mind program teaches self-regulation skills to children so that cognitive learning is more effective.  The website cites several scientific studies to substantiate their claims.

Tools of the Mind can be found at


Angela Hoguet said...

I hadn't previously heard of Tools of the Mind. It's a very interesting concept.

Great post, thanks for sharing the link! I plan to pass this on to several early childhood teachers I know.

Erica McDonald said...

Dear Christine,

Thank you for sharing your link. I enjoyed reading “The Tools of the Mind,” especially, the part when it said the research indicates that interventions at the early childhood level can have a positive influence on self-regulation and the development of executive function in the early years and beyond (MSCD, 2012). I believe that to be true because as teachers, we are that intervention at the early childhood level. We were put into place to be a positive influence on self-regulation and the development of young children.


Metropolitan State College of Denver. (2012). The Tools of the Mind: Self-Regulation. Retrieved March 17, 2012, from