Friday, March 29, 2013

Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: National/Federal Level

National/Federal Organizations that appeal to me:

 The National Association for the Education of Young Children
·         I chose NAEYC because they are the largest and most recognized early childhood professional organization.  They provide resources to EC professionals and their practices shape much of the early childhood programs today, accredited or not.  They are pretty much the industry standard.

National Head Start Association              
·         The National Head Start Association provides advocacy and support for the nation’s head start programs.  They provide a variety of services to the head start community including referrals, professional development, job opportunities, scholarships, marketing, and more.  I am drawn to head start because they provide early education to children in need. 

·         The YWCA is one the nation’s oldest and largest organization that is dedicated to serving women and children.  I picked this organization because the San Antonio branch of the YWCA teaches a program to my parenting class to help them become better parents.  They have a great message of strengthening families and empowering women.

Job Opportunities that appeal to me:

Master Teacher: Pre K for San Antonio
·         Skills and experience needed for this job are a Bachelor’s degree in education and at least 3 years of early childhood teaching experience.  Preferred experience is five years with special education endorsements.  Must be certified to teach in the state of Texas and hold a class c driver’s license.   Experience in lesson planning, curriculum development, and planning in professional development is preferred.   Salary is $60,000 to $90,000 based on experience.  The position is year-round, full-time.

Senior Director, NAEYC Academy
·         (I am definitely not qualified for this position, but it looks like an exciting and fulfilling career).   The Senior Director works with the NAEYC staff to ensure that the programs meet the gold standards of early childhood education that have been established by the association.  They work with the states to promote NAEYC accreditation and standards.  Qualifications are advanced degree in nonprofit management, business administration and/or early childhood education/child development.  Must have experience in management of EC programs in addition to organizational and leaderships skills.  Must be willing to travel.   Position is at the Washington D.C. headquarters.

YWCA  Precious/Minds New Connections & Mi Carrera educator
·         This position is not available, therefore I am not sure of the actual qualifications.  However, I have worked with this program in my teen parenting class for several years.  I am fairly sure I would qualify with my education and experience.  The position entails teaching the two programs to parenting groups.  Groups include teen parents, parents in prison and on probation, and parents from head start programs.  Having seen the program, I am very impressed with the message and believe the program to be quite effective.  


Belinda said...

Hi Christine,

you have chosen some great organizations I also love the NAEYC organization that supports young children. I have learned a new organization from your post; the National Headstart Association. I plan to check out this website for resources.

Kristen said...

Dear Christine,
I had no idea that YWCAs were still around. I remember seeing them when I was younger. The parenting classes there seem like such a great program that truly gives back to the community. I enjoyed looking at your post, and all of the great organizations you chose to share.

tiffany said...

First I love the way you laid out your blog. It is very organized and simple to read. I also did not know that the Y was the oldest company with regards to support for women and children. Parenting classes re something that most people seem to toss to the side and think, I can do this, but in all reality they are truly helpful. Great post!

StacieSmith said...

Christine, great post. I too listed Naitonal Head Start as a place I'd love to work. It is such a terrific resource for low income families. Thanks for all the info.